This writing serves as my personal travel journal on my 10 days solo backpacking to Bali for the first time
(technically it’s my second time but as a kid eleven years back, nothing left in memories), may it serve as a
good guidance to those who might one day travel to this wonderful island.

After the transit at Soekarno Hatta, Jakarta, finally touched down in Ngurah Rai, Bali at around 6 P.M. WITA
(one hour ahead of Jakarta time). It’s my second time in Bali, but no impression whatsoever since I was only a
kid back then.
So kind of excited, not to add that I’m going solo backpacking on this trip; get out of the airport, start calling
through the list of accommodation place that I have prepared, the first three on list is full, that is bad (the list
based on the cheapest rate). Luckily the fourth and last on my ideal place to stay list – Ronta Bungalow at
Poppies 2 have one room vacant. Good!

Try to ignore the Taxi driver offers; don’t really know how expensive it could get (later I found out it’s around
Rp 33,000 from Poppies area to the airport on the Blue Bird cab). Not long there is this old man offers Ojek,
give me Rp 40,000 rate which after little negotiation down to Rp 25,000 which is reasonable enough.
Get on his motorbike cruising through the almost night Kuta areas, down to Gang Ronta which I plan to stay for
the night.

It was a fairly quiet night, considering that Poppies 2 is full of clubs and bars with loud banging stereos till
early morning, with exception of that drunk neighbour across the street that keep singing with his guitar from
Camelia to Sweet child of mine. Well, it does get enjoyable after a while, sitting at the porch, with dazzling rain
Ronta Bungalow (Poppies 2, Gang Ronta)
Rate as of 1/2/2011 Rp 125,000/N for Single/ Fan/ light breakfast
31/1/2011 MONDAY

It is still raining in the morning, so the plan to catch sunrise at Kuta beach need to be postponed. Set out for a
walk around Poppies area, to see around what so interesting about this place that is famous for the budget
traveller and backpacker alike.

Just a note on the GPS: Garmin Oregon 550, the one I’m using; now I know why it comes with the Lithium
rechargeable batteries in the box. The Alkaline get sucked up pretty fast, just over a day of normal usage, it is
left with 2 bar of juice that not even enough for the backlight to function.
Yes, this is the first time I use it extensively, and it never let me down yet except the battery thirst.
This is the first time I’m in Bali on my own, but not much to worry about, when you have a GPS, it makes
navigating much more enjoyable knowing that you won’t get lost, and know where you are going.
Thanks science for this wonderful piece of technology! Note: the free maps provided by the travel guide is
necessary as well, get them.

Since there is only so much where the feet can take me before they covered up with blister and aching, I
supposed renting a motorbike is a good way to get around Kuta and the neighbourhood.
Rent it for Rp 50,000/ Day, there are plenty of them renting out bicycle and motorbike, I get mine from the
place where I stay.

Top up a little petrol and start cruising through the city. Judging by the GPS counter, in total I have covered up
to 62 Km, scootering around Kuta – Legian – Seminyak – Residential area.
If you plan to stay for a couple of days around this place, it might be more economical to get supply from the
big store like ‘Carrefour’ instead of the small 24Hr mini mart i.e. Circle K, Mini Mart, Delta Dewata. They
charge more for your convenience.
But you might need a motorbike to get to Carrefour, its pretty far from the beach side, along sunset highway if
not mistaken.

Bought three large Abstract oil paintings from Pak Wayan, who stopped by the inn offering paintings for sell
when I’m about to go out. They would look nice on the café I thought, plus the price is reasonable as in not too
expensive after much negotiation (you need to be good at negotiating price here in Bali, if you want to get the
bang out of your money)

What surprised me is when he pulled out the Victorinox multitool – I think it’s a Farmer series the one he is
using, to cut the canvas board. Apparently it’s a present from some tourists that bought his works before, and he
got two; what a lucky man! May it serve you well in your future endeavour, sir!

The day have gone by, since I can’t get the sunrise, I’m going to catch the sunset at Kuta, and it will be in 25
minutes time according to the GPS.
5.45 P.M. It start raining out of a sudden, there gone the chance. Arghh! It really frustrating at this time of the

I have enough of Kuta, it’s noisy and full of peoples at every corner of the street. I’m going to Ubud tomorrow,
to catch a more laid back side of Bali.
For your info, the Tourist Information stands that scattered all over Kuta is a good place to ask around for
anything, they practically can help you from location, transport, accommodation, and tours, among others.
Get a bus ticket from ‘Perama’ for Rp 80,000 two ways; Kuta – Ubud – Kuta. There is a discount of Rp 20,000
if you get the two way tickets.

1/2/2011 Tuesday
Day 3
Kuta – Ubud

5.15 A.M. Wake up early, walk to the beach to catch the long awaited sunrise picture. It is still dark at this hour,
with only a handful of people I passed through along the Poppies lane, mostly those wasted tourists on the side
I have the long stretched beach for my own; well it is dark, cold, on such early hours who on their mind would
want to be here. Beach is ain’t my type of holiday, this is the first time I set my foot on the sandy Kuta beach
after being in Kuta for three days.
But the waiting moment is serene, from total darkness; slowly there it comes out a glimpse of sun ray, till all
the place is light up in a matter of minutes. That’s a passing of time.
The photos might turn out to be fine, but I need to clean up the tripod thoroughly after that, the corrosive sea
water and sands get into the tripod when I tried to get the wave and it just swept it, lucky that I’m able to get the
camera out in time before it get swallowed up.

Something that you need to get used to here in Kuta is that, where ever you go when you walk, there will
always people asking wheter you need a ride; ‘ojek mas?’ ‘mau diantar mas?’ ‘taxi, taxi’ ‘ride, sir’
Either being helpful or annoying, you judge. But when there is lots of them (there really are a lot), you might
consider it irritating.

Have a light breakfast, served by the inn, before checked out and get to the Perama office waiting for the bus to
Ubud. Enjoying last few moments here listening to the radio at the porch while enjoying the hot tea and the
banana pancake,
Its still feel strange, not doing anything, not having a to-do-list for the day, no deadlines, except day-free of
trips. That’s nice! Cheers for that!

Erm, there something different with the tea this morning, I remembered there is tea bag in the tea the day
before, but none on this one. Are they run out of tea bags?

On the radio, just get the news from the Australia Radio Broadcast, a tropical cyclone bigger than Larry will
pass through Queensland in a matter of hours. All institution is closed down for at least the next three days.
Expecting people to prepare for the worst; food shortage, black out, road cut out situation;
Wow, it is the SHTF situation! (SHTF = Shit Hit the Fan, a lingo we use in Zombie Squad forum to illustrate
the worst possible event happening, we don’t’ necessarily just talk about zombie outbreak)
When everything is fine, you get prepared they call you weirdo. When SHTF is coming, you are the first person
they look for. Totally get it.

10.30 A.M. taking Perama bus, destination: Ubud.

The bus is without A/C, but its fine, pretty comfortable and for the price tag, there is not much to complain
about. The trip take around 1.5 hours from Kuta to Ubud, make a few stop in between at Sanur and Denpasar.
It is no boring; there is a lot to see on the Kuta – Ubud Bypass, a long stretch of arts & handicraft centre, stone
craft, wood craft, grave stone, statue, bath tub, a mass range of them.

When the bus get refuelled at the Pertamina station, the radio there play out the Gayus’ song; “andai ku Gayus
Tambunan, yang bisa pergi ke Bali … ~” A chuckle of coincidence can’t be avoided. The other passengers,
none local don’t get it, while the petrol staffs seems indifferent.

Get off at the Perama office in Ubud, I’m going for Dewi Antara Inn to spend the night, Get on foot walk
through the Hanoman street up to Sugriwa sreet, which took about 20 minutes. One thing I would say, Ubud is
far different from Kuta that is commercialized, it even still called ‘Desa Ubud’
Too bad, the Inn is full, but not to worry since I was offered one in Pak Wayan’s brother house, just across the
street. It’s a very traditional family housing complex of sort, I was greeted with smile and excitement by Bu
Nyoman the owner, as if they never have a guest or sort.
It’s a nice little room and only cost me Rp 100,000 for a night.

I paid for the two night stay, see how it goes in Ubud, and perhaps stay longer. I was later introduced to the rest
of the family; Pak Ketut, the head of the family, Kadek, their son and Atik, their daughter.
They are busy preparing some stuff for the ceremony held the next day ‘upacara lima warna’ if not mistaken.
Having a few conversation exchange,

Served lunch, which I didn’t expect but it is really nice; my first taste of homemade Balinese cooking – tasty!

Set out for a walk around Ubud, it’s hot around mid day, the blister doesn’t help either.

Here it comes again, the rain. Nothing much you can do in such weather except taking a rest & plan on what to
do next. There are a number of museums and galleries here in Ubud, since it’s an art designated area for your
I find it soothing; the smell of rains is like a shot of ‘anti-depressant’.
In Kuta, the usual noise would be those by motorbike, loud banging music from the stereo, here in Ubud, it’s
rooster’s cuckoos, dog’s barking, bird’s chirping, frogs, rain drops over the shelter; kind of like an orchestra.
Though after a while, it does get irritating when you try to get sleep.

7.30 P.M. Went out for a walk, no particular things in mind. Get the backup done at the internet café down the
Hanoman st. At such an hour, the shops are already closed for business and there are not much street lightings, I
wonder why.

Stop by a nice little eatery ‘Warung Laba - Laba’, interesting place (I really mean it!). To stop and enjoy the
night while having a light dinner sounds good. Get a seat at the outside porch so I can see what’s going on the
night street, pretty much nothing, strangely quiet; just a few motorbike passing by, couple of tourists walk pass,
the only sound recognizable is the Balinese instrumental music played by the stereo.
Have a chat with the owner, a lady in her early 30s, can’t recall the name..
The little conversation gives me some insight into the Ubud culture and business sense, that’s what I’m looking

The walk back to the Inn is even darker, good for me being a prepper, the trusty little Fenix light up the path.

2/2/2011 Wednesday
Day 4

Starts my day early, going out for a walk. Stepped out of my room, greeted by Bu Nyoman in her traditional
Balinese dress. Apparently there is a ceremony ‘Tilem’. Hey it’s Chinese new year tomorrow!
Shops are still close, not much activities on the street. Exchange greetings with people along the way, tourist,
locals, sweeper, taxi driver who offered ride which I politely turn down ‘ga usah pak, dekat aja’. They don’t
push, unlike those in Kuta, persistent chap. Walk along the Hanoman st. up to Jalan raya Ubud passed by a few
interesting encounter

All the way up to Ubud main street. Now here is the hustle and bustle, there is the traditional market, streets full
of people getting on their morning business; buying and selling all sort of stuff ranging from flowers, spices,
fruits, snacks, ceremony preparation knick knacks, handcrafts, nasi bungkus, newspaper stand, beggars, and so
much more.

Stopped by the 24 hour mini mart for a drink, have a chat with the store keeper boy, there is no customer so he
accompanied me sitting outside for a talk. He is from Bangli north of Ubud, told me a lot of about the culture
here, that they are the only still conservative culture keeper left in Bali. Not many of the local stay in Ubud
anymore, mostly are new comer from the neighbourhood area, who finds works here. That kind of explain why
there is not a single bar, night club, even not a single big fast food chain like McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut and
its allies. I do spot a Starbucks café but it is toned down a lot compared to the rest.
Continued my way to Blanco gallery (I have no idea what this place is), walk quite a distance – almost two
hours to get there, just to find out that it is not open yet; well, it open at 9 while it is still 8 by the time I got

Get a motorbike, it’s rather hard to walk on given the up and down terrain here and the worsen blister doesn’t
cooperate, should get a shoes next time.

I’m amazed by how much rituals the Ubud people had to go through. They put the ‘sesajen’ on all places
imaginable; temple courtyard, table, between the car’s windshield, motorbike, the fences, pillar, corners, cash
register, even on the computer desks (noticed it when I’m in the internet café), every few hours in a day.
That’s a superb discipline.

Off to Blanco,
This is the first time; I have been to such so called art gallery or museum.
It’s a Blanco’s family resident compound cum the exhibiting gallery. The Blanco Renaissance Museum was
later opened in 2000, to commemorate Antonio Blanco’s death year before, showcasing his masterpieces,
paintings, and other art works.
The works are interesting, mostly paintings of nude woman be it Balinese woman or a model. Too bad, NO
PHOTOGRAPHY is allowed inside the building where his works are put up.
And who is this Blanco guy? I have no slightest idea until I visited the place.
Antonio Blanco is an artist, mostly works in the field of erotic – romanticism, nudity. Hmm, interesting..
Read up some of his writings, and the personality and philosophy really shows up. This old man is funky!
Managed to scribble down one of this,


“The meaning of life”
Probably because of the erotic feeling to his poetry, I’m compelled to tell a story relate to this mystic erotica.
I received letter from an enthusiastic art collector from London in which he asks
‘Antonio, you are rather philosophic, what have you find to the meaning of life?’ My answer,
‘when I am biting in a ripe succulent mango in my right hand, and at the same time fondling (with my left
hand) firm buttocks of an 18 years girl er.. model’
THAT I have found to the closest THING to a MEANING OF LIFE.

Dirty old man, you rocks!

The interesting part is that I managed to meet up with Mario Blanco, Antonio’s son, who still lives there and
continue the legacy. When I came in the smell of paint still linger, the lady explained that he just painted the
picture few moments ago. Interesting...

I need to comment on this particular interesting stuff he put up there small stuff, unnoticeable unless you really
try to look for it, perhaps to small to read up what is written there. A good dose of humour inserted
Tawar menawar
tidak baik untuk kesehatan!
To try to cut senor Blanco’s prices
is not good for your health!

If you think this Blanco guy is cool, wait till you meet up with Symon.
Its few metres ride down from Blanco museum, I can’t help but to stop and get inside this building that is full of
weird contemporary arts stuff on the hill side. The studio is named ART ZOO.
Too bad again no photos allowed inside, not that there is anyone when I get in, just a huge black dog that tries
to bite me off. It is a huge private studio, two storey high, full of paintings and other stuff displayed, hung over
this side here and there, not much organization what so ever.
I was greeted by this guy in his 60s, relaxing on the hammock listening to Elvis CDs, introducing himself as
Symon. Ohh, so you are the guy that makes all this cool weird stuff! And yes he is.

‘Hey boy, you can go upstairs, have yourselves, just chill~’

He is way cooler and crazier than Don Blanco, not that I met Don before.. Would like to have one of his works
at my place. Can’t stop but amazed at the works he have up there.
Keep up the good work, sir! I’m your new fan. Too bad he is not around when I finally finished viewing the
studio, would like to ask for a photo and perhaps a signature. But not important..

What come next is a few stunning classic old-school cars parked at the roadside, in a saddening condition, not
well taken cared of; an Austin, Opel, and another one that I don’t know of.
Asked the guy at the store, where the cars are parked, if the owners are there so that I can ask more
Apparently, the owner has a lot more collection, just collect and park them anywhere on the side road. ??? WTF

3/2/2011 Thursday
Day 5

Starts the day early, promised to pick up the motorbike at 6 from Pak Ketut (not to be confused with the one
from the Inn, apparently Bali people have common names according to how many siblings they have: Made,
Wayan, Ketut, Kadek, and so on)
The weather is strangely friendly; clear blue sky,
Breezing wind, good day to roll. Have a light breakfast from the road side vendor, selling all kind of foods,
kuehs, nasi bungkus, gorengan, etc
I asked for a spoon, there is none but not to worry, my trusty Guyot spork come in handy inside my pocket.
Sit on the road side, chow down the nasi bungkus that cost me Rp 4,000 come with shredded fried chicken.

Spot on this beauty piece of classic up the street

It is really well taken care of, I can’t spot any dent or paint chip on the body, all parts still original I believe so.
See those lovely symmetrical front grills, the lights, white strip on the black tire, the wheel cap, the Mercedes
Benz embossed logo, the white silver on the dark blue paint. SEXY!!

Another one up for sale, a red Holden;

To you classic car collector, grab it if you can. I have helped you out with the contact number up there.

Get the scooter up to Pasar Seni Sukawati, 15 Km ride from Ubud, passed by a whole lot range of art crafter
along the stretch. Some photos along the way,

Pack up the backpack, and ready to move out to Dewi Antara Inn, which I plan to stay in at first, now there is a
vacant room. That’s good.

Dewi Antara Inn (Jalan Sugriwa)
Rp 125,000/N for Single/ Fan/ light breakfast

Get the stuff settled continued the trip up to Neka Arts Museum at Sanginan, recommended since they have the
special Keris exhibition this round.

I have a hard time to find the place, its not on the GPS listed map, after asking people here and there finally get
to the place. Updated the map’s waypoint, see good weather indicated by the Barometer on the watch

The entrance fee slightly more expensive than Blanco’s at Rp 40,000
Let see what they have it in here, it is a large compound with 7 separate buildings each hosting different
exhibition ranging from paintings on Bali to personal works by Affandi, an Indonesian art maestro. But the one
I’m eagerly awaited is the ‘Keris Hall’ (I love knives).

No sufficient lightings in the rooms, no staff that we can ask for except the one at the reception area. And the
highlight Keris chamber; it’s dark with no single people in that large room full of mystic keris, does give a
Goosebumps being alone in there, spend not more than five minutes before I leave.
Huge disappointment there, just about to leave, there is the staff holding on the keris that meant for restoration
or sort, managed to get hold of it, an offer of consolation there.

4/2/2011 Friday
Day 6
Ubud – Denpasar – Ubud

There is so much to discover here in Ubud, just this day I find my way to Jalan Kajeng, kind of hesitate at first
since it’s not plotted on the GPS, just to be certain that I won’t get lost.
Hidden up there deep at the end of the narrow winding road is one of the best natural sightseeing kept hidden
from the crowd. It is such a unique road by itself, the pavement is made up of signed stone (those who give
funds for the road pavement, get a chance to put their name or sort on a stone which later laid on the road as a
commemoration) kind of like star walk at the Hollywood.
The deeper you get inside; you’ll hit a dead end with a huge stone blocking the way. You can still get through if
you want on the motorbike, through a rough path. But it pays in the end, it’s a huge amass of paddy field
stretched to no end. A huge open space of paddy field, banana and coconut trees as far as you can see. You get
to see the farmers tending their field, doing their daily chores to get the rice unto your plate.

6/2/2011 Sunday
Day 8

Get myself a tattoo, first real tattoo. It all happen at this little tattoo studio in Ubud. Done by the local Ubud
man. The design that I choose is a phrase ‘memento mori’
A Latin, that in essence means ‘remember that you are mortal!’ Going to be done on my lower right leg just
above the ankle facing inward. Have it as a reminder that we aren’t immortal as we tend to believe in.

Tattooing 101

1. If it is going to be your first tattoo, think through it again, again, and again (see.. involves lots of
thinking) The thing will be with your for the rest of your life. Some cultures still associate it with taboo,
bad omen, and bad stuff. So, be wise before you do it.
2. Choose something that carry deep meaning to you, not just a moment of rush of excitement or peer
pressure, which more often than not resulted in poor judgement. Better come up with the original, more
personal. If you can’t come up with one, no rush.
3. Prepared mentally and be considerate where you’ll have it on your body. You don’t want to have it at
the visible limbs if you are working in an office environment or neighbourhood that don’t appreciate it.
4. Find a good tattoo artist, ask around, talk to them directly, and see if he or she can be entrusted to mark
your skin. You certainly don’t want an immature amateur get on it. Here is what happened next:
5. The tattoo artist will make a design as you have chosen; an adjustment here and there till they suit you.
6. It will then pasted unto your skin through stencil, that will left an imprint that serve as a blueprint for the
needles to pierce through (ouch)
7. Take your time, take a deep breath, relax the muscle, it won’t hurt much (that is what they would tell
you). It will hurt at first, after a few moves, you’ll get use to the sensation (I’m a masochist).
8. There goes the needle; I don’t have the picture of the needle up close, but it is made up of 9 small
needles put into one slot. Make sure it is new in the sterile packaging; you don’t want to get any disease
out of it.
9. The inks are those of Japanese ink of the highest quality that will maintain their vividness up to 15
10. After several minutes of ordeal, it is done (mine took about half an hour). It will then be wrapped to
keep it from dusts.
11. Get yourself a skin cream, the one I am using is Bepanthen 5% Dekspanthenol, a stimulant that helps
new skin cell development.
12. It is important to get it heal fast. The faster the skin healed, the more likely the ink will stay vivid, since
the new layer have covered the ink spot.
13. Meanwhile, got to keep it clean out of anything that might cause an infection or irritation
14. After about a week, you will get to enjoy the new mark on the skin that you are not born with (that’s
what my mom scolded me for)

7/2/2011 Monday
Day 9
Ubud – Kuta

It’s time to get back to Kuta, to make the trip to the airport much easier the next day since it only takes at most
15 minutes ride. You don’t want to risk with the airline schedule, been there.
Get the accommodation settled, at Beneyasa II along jalan Benesari, a night for Rp 90,000 single/fan
Not a type of place I would like to stay in again next time round, it’s a hassle to go out, but for the sole purpose
of spending a night and leaving early the next day, the price is hard to beat.

It’s burning hot, I can smell the burnt skin, kind of tasty.. It is no good staying near the beach area, no matter
how much you put on sun screen, they won’t help much.

Spend the rest of the day, doing a trip to Joger Jelek, the famous must-get-T shirt here in Bali. It’s not that I
fond of the things; just that having no stuff to do, this doesn’t seem like a bad idea.
It is definitely out of this world; they twisted words into something that likely to set some laughter, lots of silly
words, banner of nonsensical statements here and there in the store itself. After a while, it kind of dull though.

Something is certain; they make lots of money of it. People in there, buy stuff like it’s on fire sale though the
price ain’t cheap, buying for themselves, friends, and relatives. End up with huge purchase lining up at the
cashier line.

8/2/2011 Tuesday
Day 10
Ngurah Rai Airport - Jakarta – Medan – Pematang Siantar

Well, it’s been a great holiday. You should try it on your own too. It’s much more fun to discover it yourself.
It’s time to get back to the workaholic schedule that awaits me back home.

Some personal reflection that I don’t mind sharing (some are kept private, hence the numbering)

2. At first I thought that the purpose of a trip is to go to as much places that you could in a given time, rushing
through places, taking pictures of the spot and leave. Somehow after this day it changes. The journey is not just
about catching the sunrise or sunset, nature’s wonder, artefact, temple, statues, etc.
It’s how the soul (I mean us) connects with the place. How? It’s the people, hard to believe that I have missed
so much to come to this.
It’s still a conflict inside of my head, trying to make sense of the thoughts. This is what makes me decide to stay
in Ubud for the rest of the trip before flying off. Shit! Why get melancholic all of the sudden.

3. I wish I was introduced to photography earlier in my life. Not now when I have spent 24 years of my life,
been through a lot of events that practically passed by without any photos.
This trip in Bali, taught me the essence of photography. It’s a magic, a photo stops time and everything in it,
which is supposed to be moving forward in time.
A photo let you enjoy the moment, reflect and indulge the beauty of life in a second.
It carries a part of the scene in a movie of your life. It talks silently, it gives you a chill in the spine, a laughter, a
warmth, a time machine.
It gives a new perspective, a different vantage point; low angle, side angle, off centre, etc. that’s interesting!
A single stone can be beautiful, we passed through it without ever noticing.
It’s a media which we can share with others.
People will perish, but music, arts and pictures will live on to tell the story of you, be it good or bad, it’s for the
next generation to perceive them.
I’m a new believer; Life is beautiful, just how you see through it.
To all of you out there, go out there, take a shot, and discover it for yourself.

adventure tours in Bali


Many places in Bali that provide services include Paddy Ride ATV Adventure. Startnya location in the village of Gede Wongaya, Penebel, Tabanan, about 55 km from Denpasar City. The path is provided at Paddy Adventure is quite long, up to 9 km. In menerusri path you will pass through several villages including the famous wangaya and tengkudak persawahannya.Waktu menerusri lane will stretch about 1.5 to 2 hours. ATV Ride lot of them have the kind of track dirt road that gently sloping, cobbled streets, whitewashed streets, muddy roads, past the irrigation lines.


sungai ayung carang sari,UBUD KAB.GIANYAR

for rafting can be done Ayung River Bali. Experience a unique and unforgettable you will get for many rafting here. river past cliffs, waterfalls, rocks and rivers with the existing hotel or villa along the rivers.

Ayung River Rafting offers a different sensation and certainly very challenging to try. This river has some rapids that challenge and stimulate your adrenaline. Site for the rafting itself approximately within 12 kilometers and can be
reached within 2 hours. Along the trip down the swift river, you will be pampered green landscape on the left and right. This river also has several small waterfalls that can be used to place photos of. Witness also the beauty of the carvings along approximately 200 meters artists in Ubud that can become a backdrop for photo taking.

tendril Sari village is the starting point for rafting in the beginning. Before you start, enjoy a welcome drink and some instruction for whitewate
r rafting.


botanical garden in Bedugul, Tabanan

Bali Treetop arcade game introduced a special adventures for you who like adventure tourism with a variety of challenges dialam free and will certainly test the adrenaline with 65 types of challenges while hanging from one tree to another tree. You will certainly feel the challenges bali tree top with a cool atmosphere in the botanical garden tree top Bedugul Bali package that we offer are very challenging for those of you who tour to bali bali as for outbound packets that will be offered for those of you who tour to Bali.


This may have to cross the island from the beach Kusamba, after arriving next to Nusa Lembongan island by enjoying Lembongam mangrove forests, coral reefs and fish enjoyed by snorkeling.

Moved using a small boat, moving towards the middle of the sea which is 200 meters from the coastline. Arriving at the site snorkeling, namely Lembongan
Point. This area is said to have the most beautiful coral reefs on the island of Nusa Lembongan.


Canggu beach north of Kuta

Canggu is the name of a village in North Kuta area, about 30 minutes from the tourist center of Kuta.
naturally beautiful beach is located just a few kilometers north of Legian beach and within easy reach via the village of Kerobokan turn left. Just like other beaches next to them, Canggu Beach offers a special wave for surfing sports fans.


Ever thought of being able to fly just like birds while enjoying the view from the heights without having to get on a plane?
In Tanjung Benoa Bali is famous as a center of recreational sea water there is parasailing game that is customized with an umbrella the size of the player parasailing weight pulled by speed boat. Players will be flying and parasailing can enjoy views of Bali's southern coast worthy of such a bird. Speed ​​boat will attract Tanjung Benoa beach umbrellas parasailing.
Regarding the security of this game do not have to worry about anymore. In addition to standard equipment that already has determined, before will be briefed and guide what must be done before and after are in the
air and then landing techniques. Landing technique is very easy to do that is to stay attractive red or blue according to dance instructor guidance through lound speakers.
The tourists who want to enjoy this game does not necessarily have experience as a paratrooper. It is suitable for age 7 - 65 years. Children who follow this game will be led by guides who already have experience of parasailing are ready to fly.
fun is not
The duration of the game parasailing: 1 time round in Tanjung Benoa Bali

Nice Honeymoon Places

Kuta, Legian and Seminyak, which together with the sunset in one of the most famous surfing beaches. Although the place is a lot of noise and confusion can be found in hotels and villas for honeymoon. Sanur on the east coast, calmer than Kuta, where dozens of good hotels and villas, restaurants and boutiques here. The main attraction here is the white sand beach bordering a lagoon protected by coral reefs.

Nusa Dua, an established neighborhood on the eastern side of the Bukit peninsula of Iceland, the acquisition of the interests of the bourgeoisie and the public is the largest pockets of luxury resort hotels. Jimbaran Bay, which lies on the northern peninsula of Bukit, one of the most beautiful beaches of Bali, is also known for its up-market hotel room for the popular resort hard. Jimbaran is a wonderful place with many restaurants serving a variety of delicious seafood fresh seafood. Both Nusa Dua and Jimbaran is the ideal place for honeymooners who love the sea with all the fantastic sea views and spectacular sunsets. Lovina is about 100 miles north of Bali is the place to escape from the hustle and bustle of Kuta. Famous in the morning watching the dolphins 'journey by boat, a little' too snorkeling, scuba diving and hiking in nearby mountains. If you have a cool hills, Ubud is the end. These "real Bali" found town one hour north of Denpasar. Here you are ready to enjoy the fresh air, rolling rice terraces and vibrant culture. In Ubud, you can fill your days with sightseeing, visits to museums, music shows, restaurants and shopping. Ubud is also the perfect place to shoot the magical landscape of Bali.

Mangrove Bali

for everyone
mangrove center located on the road by fitting the Ngurah Rai,kuranglebih one kilo of the maze. Kuta Galleria close to the sun, the atmosphere is cozy banget

let us keep our environment ..

if want to let can contact the office no ane at 0361-481629

Museum Pasifika and appreciation for the work of Theo Meier

Artistic heritage of Theo Meier was given the honor to be exhibited in a 100 year anniversary exhibition at the Museum Pasifika, located in Nusa Dua, Bali in April 2008. more than 70 works of Meier, most of which are oil paintings made ​​by him in 1929 to 1982 is done during the course of his life in Europe, Tahiti, Bali and Thailand. Most of Meier's work on display are on loan from several prominentmuseums and private collections from various countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Switzerland and for the first timeexhibited to the public.Located in Nusa Dua complex, southern part of Bali island, Indonesia, Museum Pasifika built on a land area of ​​12,000 m2, consisting of 8 and 11 indoor pavilions to exhibit various works of art. This museum has about 600 artworks of 200 artists from Indonesia, Melanesia and Polynesia Pacific, Indochina Peninsula and several other countries in Asia.

Located in Nusa Dua complex, southern part of Bali island, Indonesia, Museum Pasifika built on a land area of ​​12,000 m2, consisting of 8 and 11 indoor pavilions to exhibit various works of art. This museum has about 600 artworks of 200 artists from Indonesia, Melanesia and Polynesia Pacific, Indochina Peninsula and several other countries in Asia.

This museum is dedicated to sharing knowledge of history and showcase the various works of art from the Asia Pacific region by putting Indonesia and especially Bali as its center. A variety of renowned artists such as Le Mayeur, Antonio Blanco and Renato Christiano had lived in Tahiti before eventually deciding to settle in Indonesia, they do not go to other Asian regions. Other artists such as Emilio Ambron or Roland Strasser frequent visitor to Bali, China, Japan and Cambodia, but no visit to the Pacific. Only two artists, Miguel Covarrubias and Theo Meier who visit Tahiti but eventually settled in Bali. Theo Meier was the first artist's iconic inaugural exhibition opening this museum since it was first opened to the public in August 2006. As said Miguel Covarrubias, this inspiring museum which will bring each adventure into the history of art patrons across the Asia Pacific region.

A Few Words Will Win 1000 Smiles

You can get around Bali, Jakarta and Jogjakarta without ever using a word of Indonesian, but you are missing a great experience if you do not acquire at least a basic knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia. Everyone will cheerfully help you when they see you are trying to speak their national languange.


Dari mana? (literally, "Where from?"). This could either mean, What country are you from? or Where did you just come from (the beach, the road, etc)?

Tuan asal dari mana? What country are you from ? You answer, Dari Amerika, Australia . . .
Mau ke mana? Where are you going? Apa kabar? How are you


The common designation for a hotel is simply hotel. Words that refer to simpler accomodation are hotel, losmen, penginapan and wisma.

Mana ada hotel/penginapan/losmen/wisma? Where is there a hotel?

Hotel/losmen paling baik-the best hotel.

Paling murah-the cheapest;
sederhana-simple; tidak mahal, tidak murah-not expensive, not cheap;

Ada kamar? Are there rooms available?

Ada kamar dengan ac? Do you have any airconditioned rooms?

Ada kamar dengan kipas? Do you have fan cooled rooms?

ada nyamuk? are there mosquitoes?

Berapa ongkos kamar? what is the cost of the room?

ada ruang makan? is there any dining room?

Termasuk makanan? including meals?

ada wc, tempat mandi? is there a toilet, bath?

Kamar mandi di luar atau di dalam kamar? is the bath attached to the room or outside?

handuk - towel ;sabun-soap;
selimut-blanket;sprei-bedsheet;air minum-drinking water;kipas-fan.

bisa cuci pakaian?-can you wash clothes?

tuan mau minum apa?-what would you like to drink?

teh /kopi -tea /coffe;tanpa gula-without sugar;sedikit gula-little sugar.


Kapan ada bis ke . . . ? When is there a bus to . . .?

Berangkat jam berapa? What time does it leave?

Berapa jam sampai . . .? How many hours to . . .?

Saya minta dua karcis. Can i have two tickets?

Karcis ke . . . berapa? What is the cost of a ticket to . . .?

Stasiun bis dimana? Where is the bus station?